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Why Choose Our Chefs?

We Plan.   We Shop.   We Prepare.   We Deliver   ...We Save You TIME.

“I've Lost Weight!”

"I've never eaten this healthy in my life, my pants are looser and I've already lost a few pounds!"

Jen Noble

“It. Is. Amazing.”

"I love it because Chef Dolly is basically the same price if not cheaper, and they use organic and local ingredients whenever they can. I love the idea that my money is staying in the community; and they deliver."

Julie Mitchell

“GREAT Time Saver”

"Between planning, shopping, prepping and cooking this has been a great time saver for us."

Chris Lee

"Soooo Healthy"

"Nothing is more important than my kids health, so I'm soooo glad to have found Chef Dolly. Their locally sourced meals have the best vegetarian ingredients to keep all of us healthy and feeling great."

Brittany Swan

Chef Dolly

Your own Personal, Private Chef.

Chef Dolly is a personal chef company focusing on sustainable, quality food. Chef Jason Dollenger and Nutritionist Liz Morris created Chef Dolly after having many late night conversations about the state of the world. Upon realizing they shared a vision of something better, Chef Dolly was born. Jason brings his over 20 years of experience as a Culinary professional and Liz brings an education in nutrition and alternative healing. Their passion is in bringing meals with integrity to the plates of Colorado families.

We see our country in the midst of a food crisis. Understanding how to best feed your family is a full time job. A simple trip to the grocery store can become overwhelming while trying to decipher all the claims on packaging that are presented to us.

“We see our country in the midst of a food crisis.”
Jason Dollenger

Local, Organic, Healthy.

Sourced Meals.

100 years ago, it was simple- food was organic. Our food was grown by family farms right outside of town. There was no “food industry”. We cooked our food from whole ingredients. We sat down with our families. Food was a social and nourishing activity. And this is the way it should be. Unfortunately, as industrial agriculture has taken over, we see compromises being made to our health, the health of the planet and all life.

The connection to our family and our community through food is slowly reemerging. Many of us are realizing the benefit to sitting down to dinner with our families, which can be seen through the growing trend of home chef services. We all want to feel confident in the food we are eating and know our families are as nourished as possible. Along with our personal health, we are witnessing how the circulation of our money locally can bring more health and wellness to our community. This is why Chef Dolly has made it our mission to feed as many Colorado families as possible. Because we want to give you confidence in knowing where your food is coming from, the integrity of knowing where your money is going while allowing you the time to focus on what brings you joy.

Slow Food…

SAVE TIME because Our Private Chefs do it all for you.

When you choose Chef Dolly, you can feel confident in knowing you are also choosing The Slow Food Movement: The slow food movement is an alternative to fast food. It is an opportunity to feel connected to your community through food. Chef Dolly creates meals using whole ingredients, preparing and cooking all of them ahead of time. We use all cast iron or stainless steel. All you need to do is simply heat and enjoy. Giving you all the benefits of the slow food movement, with the time of fast food. So you can Sit down with the family and enjoy nourishing food.

We have a creative menu that varies by season. We create delicious dishes in our scratch kitchen using whole ingredients. By using seasonal ingredients, we connect more deeply to our location and the people in it. You will taste the difference on your palette. Our goal is to create food that tastes amazing and is healthful for your family and our greater community.

Your Health and the Environment: The health of our bodies is directly mirrored with what is happening to our environment. The industrial agricultural farming practices are harming our environment and us. The spraying of herbicides and the mass production of animal agriculture is poisoning our soil, water and us. This is a problem. Despite more available research to us, the food industry is still making health claims, leaving the consumer confused and overwhelmed. Chef Dolly sources ingredients organic and non-gmo. We source all our food as local as possible. We choose organic and non-gmo ingredients not only for the growing practices that are supportive of our environment, but for the optimum health in our body. We choose meat that has been raised in Colorado family farms, or wild caught fish. Through the food we source, we strive to improve the wellness of your family along with our local ecosystem.

Support for the Local Community: Buying local food has numerous benefits. When our food is grown close to home, the time spent in transit is limited. This means less of an impact from fossil fuel transportation. Our food is given to us more ripe when it doesn’t have far to travel, which improves its nutritional content. When we buy local, we support small farms that are run by families. We are directly improving the lives of people in our community. We support the health of the land close to us through organic farming practices.

***Whether you are gluten-free, paleo, KETO, Vegan, vegetarian or have any allergies we will accommodate your needs while creating delicious dishes. Just ask!

Jason Dollenger

Chef Dolly plans, sources, shops, prepares, cooks and delivers for you, saving you time and money.

I’d been getting lazy and kept reading about all these home cooked meals sent to your door- so I did some googling and I am so grateful I found one that is local! I love it because Chef Dolly is basically the same price if not cheaper, and they use organic and local ingredients whenever they can. I love the idea that my money is staying in the community; and they deliver. But the best thing is the food!!! It. Is. Amazing. I recently ate the pumpkin and farrow with frizzled leaks and it was so good! Sometimes I like more vegan and gluten-free options and Chef Dolly totally accommodates what I am desiring, so creatively. Thank you!!!

Julie Mitchell

Lafayette, Colorado

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